I'm Betty, 1 of the best flopping bunnies this shelter has ever seen. A floop is when a happy bunny falls over on it's side to relax, and I do it better than anyone! That doesn't mean I can't be active when I have more energy, which I do ever since my diet, still ongoing at the time of writing this. I was once so big I couldn't groom myself as in my past home I had too much food and too little ...
Uh? Hi? I-I'm Trix and I have to admit everything is pretty scary. Loud noises and fast movements: scary being pet: scary: being picked up and held: very very scary! When I'm out there is 1 things that's pretty great, a hand rubbing along the side of my body. I'll lean in to any hand that rubs me that way no matter what size they rub. As soon as that stops things go back to being kinda scary......
Just call me Angel. I'm a somewhat timid bun that is slow to warm up to people and sometimes a little hard to get out of my cage. Once I am out and you give me enough time I like to check out whoever is with me. I really enjoy sitting in a nice lap for a long stretch of time. I don't really enjoy being held up against someone or being in a loud and rowdy environment. I'm a slow and steady bunny...
Adopt Valhalla a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23484695)
Hi I'm Roxi, a very even tempered bunny that is overal easy to handle. I don't mind loud noises or sudden movements, and I'm ok with new and unknown things. I'm not always the biggest fan of being brushed but I do love it when someone sits besides me and pets me. I'm a fan of cardboard toys too, and I'm always excited for breakfast time. Sometimes I get a little too excited on my way back to my...
I thought you might stop by to take a look at me! I'm blue-eyed Bonito, a young bunny who is always happy to make a new friend. I'm also pretty good at being held though it's still kinda a new territory for me so it can still be scary now and again. Just go slow with me and I'll know you don't mean to hurt me and I'll calm right down. Finding my forever family would be 1 of the best things ever...
Hi, call me Axel, I'm a guy who loves my space and who loves to play! I grew up with three siblings so being able to have my own space and run around is fantastic! My brothers were nice enough but they were always kind of bossy so it's nice to be independent. I do share a cage with my sisters now but she's a nice cagemate so I could possibly get along with other bunnies. I'm kinda ok with being...
I am Rose, a mid-energy calm bunny who isn't afraid to explore new things. I'm ok with being held now and again and I have my shy moments but don't worry I'm still finding my way in this world. I'd do best in easy going homes that are more on the quiet side and in a place that had time to bond with me since it will take a little time for me to get good and comfortable in new places. Please thin...
Adopt Simmons a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23168306)
Adopt Gene a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23168307)
Adopt Sonny a Lionhead rabbit in Evansville, IN (23148984)
Adopt Roxas a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23022017)
Adopt Xehanort a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23022018)
Adopt Riku a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23022019)
Adopt Ventus a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23022020)
Adopt Sora a American rabbit in Evansville, IN (23022021)
I'm Aqua, the bravest of my sisters! I'm the 1st to check out new things, the 1st to approach people, and the last to run. I'm ok with being held for little periods of time but can get nippy when I want to be set down. I love my veggies and get so excited when it's snack time, and when it's playtime! I'd love a home where I get to play as much as I want and get to know my people well!
I am Xion, a bunny that would rather watch new things from a distance than get up close and personal. I come around after a while but the world is very big and very new to me. I need someone I can go back to when I get scared, people do a really great job of being bunny security blankets, and I hope to find my own kind person like that soon. I'm iffy about being held but that can change as I ag...
Oh hello, I'm the shy but curious Kairi. My curiosity often wins out over my shyness so I tend to check out new things after a little while of thinking and waiting. I'm still very young and may get braver as I age but right now I'd like something a little more quiet and slow in my life, like a low energy household. I don't like to be held long at all and can nip when I want to be let go but thi...
I'm Terra! The bravest of my brothers. I'm always the 1st out, the 1st in, and the 1 who checks out everything the others are scared of. I even seem to be more ok with being held than my brothers. I'm no stranger to adventure and would love a home where I can explore all kinds of new things. Let's get to know 1 another!
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